Stefan Lawrenson

Stefan was born in Crawley, West Sussex, but spent most of his early life growing up in the small nearby village of Storrington. He graduated in 2013 with an MSc in Chemistry from the University of Bristol, spending his final year in the group of Prof. V. K. Aggarwal FRS, investigating lithiation–borylation–protodeboronation as a route to stereoselective exocyclic alkenes. Following graduation, Stefan worked as a Quality Assurance analyst with GlaxoSmithKline for six months, before leaving to travel throughout South-East Asia and New Zealand prior to starting a PhD. His PhD was carried out under the supervision of Prof. Michael North, within the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence at the University of York. His work here focussed on the use of alternative solvents for solid-phase synthesis, along with the ring-opening metathesis polymerisation of novel bio-based monomers. He then moved to the group of Professor Rachel O’Reilly at the University of Birmingham, working as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate in collaboration with BP Plc on temperature-responsive zwitterionic polymers for enhanced oil recovery. In November 2020 Stefan joined the group of Professor Andrew Dove and Dr Maria Chiara Arno as a KTP Associate between the University of Birmingham and Photocentric Ltd, investigating the photopolymerisation of terpene monomers for use in 3D printing.